Fingerprinting Services


Our Services

We offer these services for the individual taxes:

  • Individual Income Tax Preparations

  • Business Startup

  • International Tax Preparation

  • Financial Planning

  • Financial Statement

  • Live Finger Printing

  • IRS ITIN Agent

  • Resume Services

During these days, anyone can file for a tax return, plan their own financial goals and even solve their government problems. On the other hand, only a few professionals can ensure that you get back everything that you owned. Working with Michelle Tax Services will leave you at ease because we will do the planning for you and help you decide what the best strategy is so you get the best result.

Trust all our specialists in our company. They have a deep understanding when it comes to the intricacies in the ever-changing tax laws we have today.

We offer financial statements which you can use for credit reporting, bank loans, and financial planning purposes. In case you are in need of tax return forms, we can also prepare it for you as well.

If you need assistance regarding the services we offer, please contact us.